January 24, 2011

Ready to go!

Puppies turn 8 weeks tomorrow and are ready to head for their new homes. Most of them are staying close to us but two are moving little further away. All are staying in Finland. I wish all the best for our precious puppies!

Piitu has been amazing mother to her puppies - I have never seen a bitch who so incredibly much enjoys the company of her offspring and plays with them endlessly. Piitu's grandmother Sonja is well-known to be a "puppylover" but Piitu loves her puppies even more than Sonja. It is a gift to have bitches that are such fantastic moms! :)

 Konnunkodon Ingjald Isflak (who weighted only 108 grams when he was born, now around 3 kilos!)

Konnunkodon Ingo Isberg - the biggest male

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