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Breeder Halla with a bunch of Konnunkodon & Dlarah bred Swedish Vallhunds

Hello, my name is Halla and I live in Helsinki, capital of Finland, with four Swedish Vallhunds; INT CH Konnunkodon Arwen Aamukaste, 11 yrs; FI CH Sydspetsens Sonja P, 9 yrs;  AU GR CH BIS HIC Konnunkodon Draco Malfoy, 7 yrs and FI CH Dlarah Beep Beep, 3 yrs. Three of my oldest dogs, FIN CH Tomtemors Caramella Bottedotter (1989-2004), Kukistin Boris Bekcer (1994-2003) and INT CH Fennican Zirla Zirlottan (1997-2010) have gone over to the rainbow bridge but are still dearly loved and never forgotten.

I have owned Swedish Vallhunds for half of my life, ever since I was 17 years old. The first two Vallhunds came to me as adults; Boris was 15 months old and Mella almost 6 years. Few years later I had my first puppy, Mella's granddaughter Lotta. First Konnunkodon litter was born in 2000. I have bred only nine litters in past twelve years so breeding happens in a quite small scale. I breed a bitch only if I want to continue breeding with her offsprings - if not, then the bitch is not bred from.

I started my breeding with Fennican Zirla Zirlottan, who is dame to my A- and B-litters, granddame to C-litter and great granddame to F-litter. My 2nd line started from Swedish import Sydspetsens Sonja P, who is dame to my D-, E- and H-litters, granddame to F- and G-litters and great granddame to I-litter. I have also used Konnunkodon Arwen Aamukaste, Konnunkodon Cymoril, Konnunkodon Elbereth and Dlarah Beep Beep in breeding. They all descent from either Lotta or Sonja. Today I continue breeding only with Sonja's line.

I have imported several dogs from abroard to get more variation in my breeding program: Sydspetsens Sonja P, Rätt o Slätts Orvar and Högalids Alisia Alert from Sweden; Dlarah Ghostbuster and Dlarah Beep Beep from Australia. Konnunkodon Draco Malfoy returned back home from Australia when he was 6 years old after his owner, my dear friend Leonie Darling (Dlarah Swedish Vallhunds) had died in a car accident.

Puppies have been exported to USA (CAN CH Konnunkodon Brynhilde), Netherlands (Konnunkodon Dorian Gray, owner kennel Curragh's), Australia (AUS GR CH BIS Konnunkodon Draco Malfoy, owner kennel Dlarah) and Sweden (Konnunkodon Estella Bolger, owner kennel Sydspetsens).
I have had the luck to have concerned and active puppy buyers. There are many champions and over 60% are breed evaluated (exteriörbeskriven). 50% are character tested (korningens mentaldel/MH). Over 50% are herding inctinct tested. Around 70% are hip X-rayed, over 50% elbow X-rayed and almost 50% eye tested. Several dogs have competed in agility and obedience. One bitch from my breeding is approved search & rescue dog.

If you are interested in buying a puppy from me, keep in mind that I don't sell puppies to kennel conditions and not without recommendations.

Our stud dogs INT & MULTI CH Dlarah Ghostbuster and AU GR CH BIS Konnunkodon Draco Malfoy are available to breeding to approved bitches.

All my bitches that are used in breeding (and most of the males too) are hip and elbow X-rayed, eye tested in every 24 months, herding instinct tested, breed evaluated (exteriörbeskriven) and character tested (MH or korning).

What does my kennel prefix mean - or does it even mean anything is the question that is get asked a lot. Well, it definitely has a meaning. Ever read Lord of the Rings? Heroes of that book, hobbits, dwell in a place called the Shire. In Finnish the Shire is called Kontu. So.. my kennel prefix is Finnish and it means roughly translated "a Home in the Shire". After all, Vallhunds are like hobbits - small, sturdy, rustic and brave. :)

Konnunkodon Swedish Vallhunds
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Helsinki, Finland
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