January 4, 2011

Cute warning!

He might be wrong coloured according to standard but he is incredibly cute little critter and 100% a Vallhund what comes to his temperament and anatomy - only colour is different. And he loves the pig which was also his mother's favorite toy when she was a puppy. :)


Anonymous said...

hey Halla

He is growing very fastly
Which puppy is the biggest?
Have you received my mail?

kind regards
Lilian and Dorus

Anonymous said...

Hi Halla

The pups are so cute. And I fell in love with Igor Isbjörn :)

Best regards,
Sandra + Lille Vikings

Anonymous said...

He is wunderfull! I also have a white Västgötaspets an he is the best dog in the world.. i love him sooo much...
Greetings from Switerland
Veronica with Precious Snowflake Floyd