December 7, 2011

Show news

Apparently I have forgotten to add the recent show news. Better late than never. :)

Tartto, Estonia 5.-6.11.

Dlarah Beep Beep (Piitu) won CAC (CC) and 2 CACIBs. She became also Estonian Champion (EE CH). One Cacib more from a country X and she becomes International Champion. So far I haven't decided where we are heading with Ms Piitu. :)

Helsinki, Finland 3.12.

Konnunkodon Ingvar Isbrytare (Ilpo) won title Helsinki Junior Winner 2011 (HeJW-11) and male CAC (CC) under Swedish judge. Ilpo is such a special boy - can't wait to see how he will turn up to be as an adult. Best part in the whole weekend for Ilpo was that he got to play with his granddad Draco (Konnunkodon Draco Malfoy). On Fri-Sat night they wrestled until 7 in the morning.

Photos are coming when weather gets little nicer and I dare to take camera out. :)

Draco has settled in extremely well. Words can't describe how happy I am that he is back home. Draco is so special. :)

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