July 10, 2011

Show news

Konnunkodon bred dogs had many wins this weekend - my warmest congratulations for their owners!

Siblings Konnunkodon Idunn Isblomma (Wimma) and Konnunkodon Ingvar Isbrytare (Ilpo) were shown in puppy classes. Wimma was shown on Saturday and she was Best Puppy of the Breed (there were 3 Swedish Vallhund puppies in the show). Ilpo was shown on Sunday and also he was Best Puppy of the Breed! There were 5 puppies in that show. These lovely Piitu-puppies are now 7 months old. :)

On Sunday Konnunkodon Galahad (Jedi) won his first CAC and BOS in his first official show and Konnunkodon Hanna Kullanväärtti (Etta) won her second CAC!

Konnunkodon Ingvar Isbrytare
Konnunkodon Galahad (photo Ari Lavander)
Konnunkodon Galahad & Konnunkodon Hanna Kullanväärtti (photo Ari Lavander)
Konnunkodon Idunn Isblomma

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