December 8, 2010

Puppies one week

Piitu's puppies are now one week old and they have grown so much. Smallest boy has almost tripled his weight and all the rest have doubled their weight. Puppies are growing in eyes! Next we start to wait for their eyes to open.. :)

Puppies have also gotten their names. Since this is I-litter, it is 50 cm snow in Finland and there is one white puppy, puppies are named with ice theme (ice is "is" in Swedish).


Igor Isbjörn (polar bear)
Ingo Isberg (Iceberg)
Ingjald Isflak (Ice shelf)
Ingvar Isbrytare (Icebreaker)
Ivar Iskarl (Iceman)


Idunn Isblomma (a flower called Ice plant - Carpobrotus edulis)
Ingeborg Iskristall (Ice crystal)

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